About the Project

This project began with a simple question:

How do you find effective and accessible mental health support in Toronto?

We found that the answers were anything but simple. Finding mental health help in Toronto can take years of bouncing from one service to another waiting-list to another agency and so on.

This project is run by a group of volunteers collaborating at the weekly CivicTechTO hacknights. Our original intention was to collect user experience stories of using mental health services in Toronto to identify problems that we could address with technology. We quickly saw the stories we were collecting were actually a very valuable resource and guide to others navigating this very complex system.

People navigate their communities through stories. We talk about the great restaurant we found, the amazingly cheap grocery store with awesome produce, the workout we’re enjoying, the best routes to drive to work so we avoid the traffic. We’re constantly sharing information to help those around us, but with mental health, people are often silent. We’re not sharing our experiences in the same way we share experiences about everything else in our community. So we miss out on that valuable information.

Our mission with this project is to help people navigate the mental health care system more effectively by helping them tap into the wisdom and experiences of their community. We’re just getting started so please share your story to help with others on a similar journey. The more stories we gather, the more we can use that data to identify the best places to get help and how to overcome unique challenges people encounter to accessing help here in Toronto.

As the project develops, we’ll post updates here. If you’d like to get involved in the project, come on out to one of the CivicTechTO hacknights. You can sign-up here on meetup.com.