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A Brother’s Journey With Schizophrenia

Mike shares the story of supporting his brother in finding help for schizophrenia in Toronto's mental healthcare system. The story spans several years, bouncing around multiple hospitals and mental health services, interactions with the justice system, and personal mental health challenges.

“In terms of the hospital and care-giver people–and, again, I acknowledge how difficult it can be–but there needs to be some sort of way for them to take care of themselves so they can provide better, happier care. It’s not ok to just say, “Well, this is a hard job and I’ve dealt with so many f**ked up people that I’m allowed to be miserable or have a grudge or be upset or walk around with my nose down.” That’s not an excuse. That’s not ok. So how can the healthcare providers, individually or as a whole, express a more welcoming, helpful environment? I’m not saying it’s easy, but there’s got to be a way to improve that.”

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