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Mike’s Recovery from Addiction

Mike shares about his journey seeking help in Toronto's mental healthcare system for recovery from addiction.

“I think a lot of people don’t understand that if you want to live a different life, you need to do things differently…┬áPeople say, ‘Well, mental health is physical health. If you break your arm you’d go to the hospital. So if you break your head or your brain, you should go to the hospital, too.’ Yes. But that doesn’t mean the care or the treatment of that problem is the same, where you just go, you get it fixed, it heals, and then you move on. For me and I think for the vast majority of people with substance use or mental health problems–which I think they’re the same, though they’re still classified differently these days–it’s not like that. You actually need to change everything you do and how you do it. So that’s what I did… And that’s another problem with the system. It doesn’t support the continued maintenance of well-being and self-care.”

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