Workshop: Map your mental health journey in Toronto

We're hosting a workshop with State of Mind to map journeys through Toronto's mental healthcare system. Details below.

Finding effective, accessible mental health services in Toronto is a challenge, often one that spans many years and many dead-ends. We’re service users that are mapping stories of that journey so others can find help more quickly and we can advocate for change or design solutions of our own to barriers in our mental healthcare system. Join us for a workshop to map your journey.

What is this: This is a 2.5 hr workshop of drawing and storytelling exercises to share experiences of navigating mental health services and exploring solutions to challenges.

Where and when: Tuesday, October 10th, 6:30 to 9:00pm at CSI Spadina (215 Spadina).

Who is it for: Anybody with lived experience of navigating mental health care services in Toronto that wants to explore solutions to service challenges is welcome to attend.

Who is doing it: This workshop is part of the City of Brains Project, a volunteer project to map journeys through Toronto’s mental health care system. Read and listen to stories at:

Mark Freeman will be facilitating the workshop. He is a writer and workshop facilitator with lived experience of recovery from a bunch of diagnoses. You can learn more about Mark here:

Sign up for the workshop at the link below. Space is limited.

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Fighting for Mental Healthcare in Toronto

Faith shares about her experiences advocating for her own care after depression led to hear leaving her management role at a large bank, only to find no standards of care or structured treatment plans in the mental healthcare system.

“I went to see a doctor… and he had had depression, which I didn’t know. And he leaned over and whispered in my ear: ‘If you’ve never had depression, you can never understand how it feels.’ And that was so wonderful because somebody understood how I felt. But was a one off. So I think that would be very important if once you’re diagnosed, somebody comes in and goes, ‘I’ve been there.'”

Audio 34:15